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Picture This…

The image is you. Life is good…a family, a home, a car and a job.
You’ve worked for years; Giving it all you have as well as all you could find…
You’re at that stage…you go there (work) everyday…But your mind is 80% somewhere else…
You don’t hate anyone or anything. You’re good at your craft and you make a difference…
What you do is meaningful… to someone, but that someone is not you anymore…
Gazing out of the window,  daydreaming.  Your thoughts create hypnotic pictures …
The scenery is beautiful, engaging and so are you, living life by your design.
The feeling is peaceful and joyous…You’re happy and content… It feels like a perfect day
and time. You smile!
Just when you really focus on what you see and feel, you snap out of it…blink and nod…
wondering … What’s wrong with this picture?
And immediately you know the life you live is no longer the one you desire… Oh well!
You stumble on an inspiring true story that reveal ways to create that lifestyle imagined
in a free eBook called  “Freelance Marketing Secrets”. Intrigued… you read it and
realize a decision and a few simple skills will create new images, depicting the life you
see with your thoughts and feelings.
You go for it! Life is fabulous😍

New Year Thinking…


Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.– Wayne Dyer

Is there a better time to create an income that supports the life you’d Love
to live?

Having the freedom to do, be and feel great… Giving time and attention to the people and things you care about most… That’s what we all want -right?!

Here’s what I know:

Your daydreams are where your most meaningful thoughts reside…There is always something or somebody who will interject a stumbling block/rock into your path…

Time is the same for everyone and devoting that daydream time (for example, 30 seconds) taking some action towards making that dream a reality  will reveal goals you’ve set to get you there (especially if you write them down – just saying…

Working hours for someone else will not result in real freedom of time, the necessary resources (money) and expertise to make your dreams come true…

What we think about and thank about we bring about -John Demartini

Resolutions made will inspire you and people will motivate you… but, a plan added to your daydream can attract the strategies and system needed to create the life you really want to live!

What would you rather be doing right now? Take time to really think about it… Dreams don’t work unless you do!

The fact that you have read this far indicates to me that you’re serious about your future, you’re serious about changing your situation, you’re looking for something different.
You’re looking for an opportunity…You know the path you’re on right now isn’t taking you where it is you want to be right?!
Here’s what you can do…do what I did. Register for the free LIVE webcast and see a simple 21st century skill that is changing lives on demand, giving people the freedom to build legacy, share their passion and live the lifestyle they choose!


What It Takes To Work On The Internet


Are you curious about what it takes to work on the internet?
Well, here’s what I know…
*Mindset, skills and tools are “mandatory” for endeavors of health
and wealth online & offline.
*Systems, relationships and mentors -are the “smart moves” of everybody regardless of the product or service that’s offered.
That’s it!
Note: everything you just read makes the web and the world go round…It’s just that simple!
Eventually the “mandatory” (tasks) and the “smart moves” you take, merge… The six actions become three…
1.tools/skills/system + 2.relationships/mentors + 3.mindset
forming your map complete with GPS.
It’s exciting and comes down to deciding committing and taking action.The three things you do everyday anyway.
The difference is you’re the boss…your office is open 24/7-365 and you work when and where you choose!
Whether you’re selling or sharing somebody needs what you offering.  How cool is that?!

Think about it…See the internet in your work future and take the next step!
After three years of going for it alone I’ve found a system that does 90% of the work and allows me to earn as I learn…A smart move for me!

Here’s what I know:
1.A laptop and internet connection give you the freedom to work anywhere…
2.A determined mindset keeps you marching with unwavering faith.
3.Skills emerge in the “Project Make It Happen experience” and success and freedom appear…you’re happier and you’ve done what you were born to do!
Stop by the Live online workshop for a sneak peak, you’ll be making a smart move.
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Right Tool, Right Time…..Priceless

Earlier this year I talked to several experts to get a good perspective on safe driver equipment.  I asked a very talkative tow truck driver what tools a driver should keep in the car to be prepared for road emergencies.  His response, “my business card”! I smiled and agreed with him and asked a different question.  What should I do if I don’t have your business card?  Well, he said with a wide grin, I recommend that car owners keep a “Yo Bag” in the trunk. He went on to say, drivers could handle some issues quickly if they have a few tools. He tells drivers this all the time, but most don’t hear the information because they are upset or stressed.  He continues talking, not seeing the puzzled look on my face…  and because they don’t take my advice, they have to wait for me to get to their location, wait for me to fix the problem (if I can) and they have to pay me!, By the time they sign the paperwork you sense anger because they realize they will most likely arrive at their destination late.  Finally able to get a word in I asked, what’s a “Yo bag”? He counts each finger as he explains, that every car on the road should be equipped with at least, a tire gauge, jumper cables, flashlight, screwdriver, and flares! Your car, your tools (yo bag), in the trunk, next to the spare tire.  Get it?  Got it!

Just so you know, I don’t know much more than the obvious when it comes to cars tools and correcting malfunctions.  When I experience a mishap on the road, I get someone else to fix the problem.  Husband, motorist, passenger, tow truck driver;  Anybody.   The bag of tools in the trunk of my car and the emergency road service card are there because the resident car expert put them there – smart move, husband!

Recently my brother shared a story with me and I was reminded of my conversation with the tow truck driver.  My brother drives a 2008 Toyota, it’s equipped with all the amenities and is in good shape.  I asked him to share his experience, check it out:

Hello everyone

I was driving to work last week and noticed the windows in the car rolled up slowly, but I didn’t pay much attention to it then. I stopped at Starbucks for coffee and returned to the car. I turned the key to start the car, but got no connection from the engine. Oh boyee! What now?

I immediately called my road side service.  After telling the service agent my problem, she said, it sounds like the problem could be your battery.  I’m sending a tow truck to your location to jump-start your car. She then explained that the wait time for the tow truck was about an hour and a half.

Oh boy I thought, I’m going to be late returning to work. Instantly I remembered that I had purchased a road emergency kit from www.Sysmoe.com U Drive Smart

Awesome! What a life saver that was! I retrieved the “10 booster cable from the trunk and proceeded to hook the cable to the battery. Within minutes a car pulled up, and the driver asked if I needed a boost from his battery. Yes, thank you very much was my response and within seconds I was able to start the car. Wow, I didn’t need to wait almost two hours for a tow truck.  I got to work on time with some minutes to spare.   Whew, I’m super grateful for the small things that make my life better day by day.

Really, had I not had the emergency tool kit I would have been waiting for the tow truck or asking every motorist if they had a booster cable, and will you boost my car?  This was a great buy; I think everyone should have one for such a time as this.

Smart Move Brother!  Having the right tool at the right time is priceless!