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Vehicle Theft… Facts You Need To Know

Protect and Prevent
Protect and Prevent

I took this photo at an event because it is beautiful. I don’t know the owner but I’d bet he was close by…

A recent visit to http://www.safercar.gov revealed an infographic that will bring you up to speed on the vehicle theft problem in the U.S today.  When I think about how important my vehicle is to me and realize the implications of facts listed below I had to share…

Do You Know:

  • Nearly half of vehicle theft is due to driver error.
  • The top two months for vehicle thefts are July and August.
  • There were nearly 700,000 vehicles reported stolen in the United States in 2013.
  • Nearly 45% of stolen vehicles are never recovered.

Click the link to see more facts that will influence your decision to do more to prevent your vehicle from becoming a statistic!

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No Buzzin & Drivin

The NHTSA’s message today is one tweet can save a life from Buzzed driving. Every 52 minutes in America, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash. And, for every preventable drunk driving death — 10,076 in 2013 alone — exponentially more lives are forever changed by the loss of a parent, child, friend, or loved one to these preventable tragedies. Take the pledge, 18,000 plus have already pledged not to drink and drive.  Join the twitter chat.  Tweet the message to a friend!

Safe Travels! 🙂

Take Five

Drive Happy
Drive Happy

Five minutes to happier drives! Before driving to any destination I take a few minutes to prepare for the drive.  I’ve learned that taking the following steps really help me to focus and deal with driving situations that become apparent during my trips.

  1. Check the weather – at my location and where I’m going – It may only take a few seconds if you’re staying in your neighborhood; however, if your journey extends more than ten miles, you’ll benefit from knowing.
  2. Check the traffic/road conditions – If you listen to radio or view TV this task can be achieved while you’re getting dressed.  Using my LIVE traffic app reveals results in seconds.
  3. Take a minute to walk around the car to eyeball the tires, lights and any damage from the last parking lot I used.  If I’m not sure of my gas level I check that too.
  4. As I check my mirrors and put on my seat belt, I adjust my attitude to the temperament needed for the place and time I’ll be driving; that way I can keep my blood pressure in check.
  5. I choose my distractions. It’s true, driving is a full-time and attention task. I choose devices and activities accordingly.  I automatically turn on my speakerphone “for incoming emergencies only” if I’m not using my GPS.  My phone is in the bag ensuring that if I need it I’ll have to pull over. I adjust the music level and take a deep breath before pulling off.

Most of the time I can get all this done in less than five minutes, giving me additional time to get to my intended location (stuff happens).  It took me a while to form this routine. I realized that when I didn’t perform these one minute tasks my driving experience suffered.  Since driving is usually the first and last part of most daily activities I encounter outside my home I prefer safe and pleasant journeys.  Maybe you get ready to drive in less time, that’s great! This five-minute routine is what helps me keep my eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and drastically reduce the times when I feel the desire to participate in road rage.  What do you do before you drive? Share a pre-driving task with us, after all sharing is caring!

Safe Travels 🙂