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Just So You Know #3

Operation Safe Driver Week
Operation Safe Driver Week

Next week is Operation Safe Driver Week (October 19-25).  A press release by prweb.com  reports that, last year, law enforcement officers stopped 74,765 commercial and passenger vehicle drivers during the 2013 Operation Safe Driver mobilization week; nearly triple the 26,487 stopped during the 2012 event. The top three reasons warnings and citations were issued were: (1) speeding, (2) failing to use a safety belt, and (3) failure to obey traffic control devices.

Law enforcement officers are gearing up to bring the numbers down. The campaign aims to lower the number of deaths and injuries from crashes involving large trucks and buses and cars. Spread the word, Drive smart and be sure to:

  1. Wear a seatbelt.
  2. Put children in proper restraints.
  3. Obey yellow and red lights.
  4. Use your turn signal.
  5. Follow vehicles at a safe distance
  6. Drive the posted speed limit.
  7. Be aware of other drivers and their vehicles
  8. Turn your cell phone off.
  9. Be the passenger with a suspended or cancelled license.
  10. Stop at flashing lights at crosswalks.
  11. Yield/stop to emergency vehicles and peace officers.
  12. Come to a complete stop at all stop signs.
  13. Be the passenger when under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

There are many other reasons to be stopped by the attentive law officers, so do your best and feel free to add to the list in the comment section.

Safe Travels 🙂


Drive Better

lady driver

Do you think all drivers aspire to drive better?  I wish! I try.  No I’m not a perfect driver. Yes I’m distracted sometimes, Yes I use profanity, Yes I need to do better. What about you?  If you drive regularly you see drivers making unsafe maneuvers, not giving full attention and exhibiting other bad behaviors too often.   Handling your car, being courteous and limiting distractions are all necessary for better driving habits on the road today.  Better drivers, make safer journeys for everyone. Read more on how to be a better driver.  Imagine driving when more people used them! Share the link with a new driver you know.  Safe travels 🙂

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Daddy Said


Untitled design2


  • If I tell you a mosquito can drive a plow don’t ask me how, just start it up!
  • If the windows cloudy and the tires are dusty – don’t get in!
  • I’m not lost, I know exactly where we are!
  • Drive beside the white line, the white line is your friend!
  • If you don’t… then you won’t…
  • It’s a dad thing, you can’t understand!
  • Drive your mother’s car.
  • If the wheels don’t shine, it’s not mine.
  • Give you a book, send you to school, and what do you do? Eat the pages!
  • Monkey see, monkey do, beware of the monkey!
  • Your momma’s not made of glass, move your …
  • Every closed eye is not sleep!
  • Look before you leap, work before you drive!
  • No fool. No fun.
  • No and there’s no if,and or buts about it!
  • That’s TV– for entertainment purposes only.
  • Law of average says…
  • Learn to fly, not lie!
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Cars don’t run on ash; where’s your cash?
  • You’ve got to leave one to drive one away from here.
  •  Not in my car!

Care to share; tell us something  Daddy said and

Happy Father’s Day to Dads everywhere!



sysmoe 002e


Early Saturday morning, shortly after sunrise, sunny, warm and dry road conditions.  No traffic (animal or otherwise), just the normal sounds and sights of a residential subdivision on the weekend before most folks get up and out. The car pictured above was parked, legally, curbside, on a hill, in front of the owners home.

The driver, an adult, female, two blocks from home, traveling in the same direction as the parked car.  After the crash, she was able to get out of  her car (whew) however the car  required tow truck assistance; (broken axle).

Was she intoxicated, intexticated or

struggling with a mechanical failure,

putting on makeup,

reaching in her purse or on the floor or back seat,


eating breakfast,

sipping on a drink,

talking on the phone,

having a medical emergency,

writing herself a note,

combing her hair,

changing her clothes,

reading the paper,


Being sidetracked or distracted happens every time we drive and this is just a short list of possibilities noted from folks who I showed the picture to.  What’s your guess?  It’s April, National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Before we get behind the wheel let’s make a mental note to limit the number of distractions (things) we will allow while we drive, including our physical ability to make the journey.  The driver told the owner that she fell asleep.  The good news is that she was able to wake up and walk away.