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Driving 40 years and…

Could I pass a driving test today?  Sure I would; driving for 40 years I generally kept up with the rules and regulations of the road, I consider myself a smart driver.  I’m a good driver according to my insurance company and I drive safely according to my husband a retired Certified Driving Instructor (CDI).  My lifestyle requires driving.  I drive all the time, at least 5 days a week, sometimes several times a day.  I drive to the store, jobs, events, to visit friends and family, even to the subway.  I’m often the designated driver on group trips because I know the bus routes.  It may take us a little longer to get there but I don’t get lost in my hometown.  I also own a well maintained car (thanks to the CDI).

They say experience is the best teacher so failing a driving test is not an option.  I may fail to go to the correct address.  I doubt it is still located where it was when I took the road test many years ago.  A huge new office building is now located on that corner.  I could fail the eye exam if I wear the wrong pair of glasses, I seem to have several pair these days thanks to the Dollar Store.  I passed before when I really couldn’t drive so now with 40 years driving experience, I’ll ace it.

Seriously thinking, it’s possible that parking may be a small issue for me if you are still required to parallel park.  I admit I still have to do it twice to get it right sometimes.  I parked perfect driving a 1967 convertible Cadillac Coupe Deville, during my first driver test, but I’m sure I would need to practice to get it correct in one attempt today.  Hopefully, now the testers give you the option of pulling in or backing your car into a parking space.  I am an expert at that.

An experienced driver like me should pass the written part of the test with no problem or so I thought. After all those years of driving including a 65 mile work commute and other driving duties, I should know the rules of the road, plus any updated driving techniques you need to be a smart driver today.  Recently, just for fun I took the AARP Are You a Smart Driver quiz.  My expectation was 10 questions and 10 correct answers.  Surprise! I didn’t get 10 answers correct and the one question that stunned me: Where on the steering wheel should your hands be positioned while driving? 10 and 2 right? Wrong!!

Check for yourself, take the quiz at: http://www.aarp.org/home-garden/transportation/info-11-2011/quiz-are-you-a-smart-driver.html.

Rules change, cars change, and you change! Ok I get it, experience is only part of being smart.