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Tell It Like It Is… My #1 throwback Song

1960s Throwback – a convertible and a song
What’s your #1 Throwback song?

I always have a song in my head. A rhythm, melody or harmony I like (vocal or instrumental) that just pops and I sing!

It’s been that way since I was a little girl, recanting the 5 part harmony of my mom and her sisters and the deep and robust alto voice of my grandmother.

On any given day and time you were in the mist of any one of these ladies, you were hearing a tune, If not the lyrics, they were humming.

When the sisters came together in song… you clapped, dance or sang (quietly) as not to disturb the perfect  a cappella  rendition of the songs they sang for fun or as The Clark Sisters

Today the song that popped and stuck is “Tell it Like it Is”  by Arron Neville (1966).  It’s one of my all time singing favorites. I  know every word and note.

Remembering the times (1966) I recall the lyrics mirroring my life in many ways and I adopted the title and used it like my own…

I used the lyrics to this song like my Keds sneaker collection  I wore back then.  often changing the words to fit a circumstance, situation or decision – weird but true!

The words speak to honesty, love, desire and commitment,  the characteristics I embrace today for myself first…truth!

When I hear the song, the title, reminds me that success is an inside job and I sing… answering question for me.

it’s my way of checking if my thoughts and feelings are in sync with the “who” and “what” I’m pursuing.


“Tell It Like It Is”

If you want something to play with

Go and find yourself a toy
Baby, my time is too expensive
And I’m not a little boy

If you are serious
Don’t play with my heart, it makes me furious
But if want me to love you
Then, baby, I will, girl, you know I will

Tell it like it is
Don’t be ashamed to let your conscience be your guide
But I-I-I-I-I know deep down inside of me
I believe you love me, forget your foolish pride

Life is too short to have sorrow
You may be here today and gone tomorrow
You might as well get what you want
So go on and live, baby, go on and live




Corvettes 4 Vets

“The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.” – Jeff Miller

We appreciate and are thankful for all of the sacrifices Veterans and their families endured as they served to defend their country.


Classic or New

Recently I went to the Annual Car Show at the National Guard Armory (in DC) and had a blast!  Gazing in awe at mint condition old automobiles from the 1930’s to 1970’s.  Cars, vans, trucks and bikes, all gorgeous!  Every car was spectacular!  Bold, beautiful colors, wild and crazy rims that were fabulous!  I saw cars that sparkle, so shiny they reminded me of new patent leather shoes. Cars with no scratches, dings, dents, dust or fingerprints. Wheels and chrome so shiny I could see myself and rim designs that made me say Wow over and over!

Last month I went to the car industry’s Annual Car Show  in DC. at the Convention Center,  Imagine a few football fields with all new cars parked and car dealers urging you to sit in them while they inquire about your preferences. The free program guide included an article on DC’s favorite vehicles (mine not included), green car technology and concept cars that were also on display. Wow!  I was impressed at all the safety features and infotainment systems that are available and standard in cars now. I was also amazed at some of the sticker prices(whew). The event could be a good cheap date (I’ll remember that next year).  Overall it was interesting and informative well worth a Sunday afternoon..

I was showing my friend the 200 photos I took at the two events and she asked “If you could have one of the cars, which one would it be”?  I answered her with pictures.  I couldn’t choose one, but these are my favorite two!  Classic & New!! 🙂

On another note- Driver Safety; Consumer Reports Annual Auto issue is on new stands now and here two links you may find interesting: