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Tell It Like It Is… My #1 throwback Song

1960s Throwback – a convertible and a song
What’s your #1 Throwback song?

I always have a song in my head. A rhythm, melody or harmony I like (vocal or instrumental) that just pops and I sing!

It’s been that way since I was a little girl, recanting the 5 part harmony of my mom and her sisters and the deep and robust alto voice of my grandmother.

On any given day and time you were in the mist of any one of these ladies, you were hearing a tune, If not the lyrics, they were humming.

When the sisters came together in song… you clapped, dance or sang (quietly) as not to disturb the perfect  a cappella  rendition of the songs they sang for fun or as The Clark Sisters

Today the song that popped and stuck is “Tell it Like it Is”  by Arron Neville (1966).  It’s one of my all time singing favorites. I  know every word and note.

Remembering the times (1966) I recall the lyrics mirroring my life in many ways and I adopted the title and used it like my own…

I used the lyrics to this song like my Keds sneaker collection  I wore back then.  often changing the words to fit a circumstance, situation or decision – weird but true!

The words speak to honesty, love, desire and commitment,  the characteristics I embrace today for myself first…truth!

When I hear the song, the title, reminds me that success is an inside job and I sing… answering question for me.

it’s my way of checking if my thoughts and feelings are in sync with the “who” and “what” I’m pursuing.


“Tell It Like It Is”

If you want something to play with

Go and find yourself a toy
Baby, my time is too expensive
And I’m not a little boy

If you are serious
Don’t play with my heart, it makes me furious
But if want me to love you
Then, baby, I will, girl, you know I will

Tell it like it is
Don’t be ashamed to let your conscience be your guide
But I-I-I-I-I know deep down inside of me
I believe you love me, forget your foolish pride

Life is too short to have sorrow
You may be here today and gone tomorrow
You might as well get what you want
So go on and live, baby, go on and live




Strings of Beauty

haywire_custom_guitars_red_335_stratMy granddaughter asked for a “real”guitar for Christmas and I asked why? She responded because I like the sound.  OK…I asked who did she know that played a guitar and she disappeared and returned with this picture and a list (below)… To my surprise many on the list I favor and all played Gibson guitars…I gotta ask you…How many of your favorite guitarist made the list?

*George Benson *Carlos Santana *Chuck Berry *Brian Robertson *Nikki Sixx *Cheryl Crow *Bob Dylan *Jerry Garcia *Grant Green *Jimmy Hendrix *Steve Howe *BB King *Peter Green *Tony Iommi *Joan Jett *Albert King *Lenny Kravitz *John Lennon  *Bob Marley *Paul McCartney *Elvis Presley *Keith Richards *Eddie Suggs *Frank Zappa *Eddie VanHalen.

Quite a few, right?! I bet you’re a baby boomer or a musician… I just love music and never realized how popular the brand is among the “greats”.

It’s a fact that all made significant contributions playing Gibson guitars and there’s twice as many guitarist where she gathered her research (smart kid -huh).

The list includes many veteran musicians with long careers, who have a history of faithful Gibson use. The particular instrument they used was unique or of historical importance.

Now I must admit that I didn’t realize the child had an interest in playing guitar or any other instrument, but I figure if she finds one that is as beautiful as the picture, it  will be a great conversation piece. I’ll also have a reason to strum a tune or two!

Take Five

Drive Happy
Drive Happy

Five minutes to happier drives! Before driving to any destination I take a few minutes to prepare for the drive.  I’ve learned that taking the following steps really help me to focus and deal with driving situations that become apparent during my trips.

  1. Check the weather – at my location and where I’m going – It may only take a few seconds if you’re staying in your neighborhood; however, if your journey extends more than ten miles, you’ll benefit from knowing.
  2. Check the traffic/road conditions – If you listen to radio or view TV this task can be achieved while you’re getting dressed.  Using my LIVE traffic app reveals results in seconds.
  3. Take a minute to walk around the car to eyeball the tires, lights and any damage from the last parking lot I used.  If I’m not sure of my gas level I check that too.
  4. As I check my mirrors and put on my seat belt, I adjust my attitude to the temperament needed for the place and time I’ll be driving; that way I can keep my blood pressure in check.
  5. I choose my distractions. It’s true, driving is a full-time and attention task. I choose devices and activities accordingly.  I automatically turn on my speakerphone “for incoming emergencies only” if I’m not using my GPS.  My phone is in the bag ensuring that if I need it I’ll have to pull over. I adjust the music level and take a deep breath before pulling off.

Most of the time I can get all this done in less than five minutes, giving me additional time to get to my intended location (stuff happens).  It took me a while to form this routine. I realized that when I didn’t perform these one minute tasks my driving experience suffered.  Since driving is usually the first and last part of most daily activities I encounter outside my home I prefer safe and pleasant journeys.  Maybe you get ready to drive in less time, that’s great! This five-minute routine is what helps me keep my eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and drastically reduce the times when I feel the desire to participate in road rage.  What do you do before you drive? Share a pre-driving task with us, after all sharing is caring!

Safe Travels 🙂

Marys Cruise Ride

marys cruise rider

In the interest of safe driving, we asked our fans, friends and customers to share their driving stories with us and we share them with you from time to time. This story while amusing is definitely not what we consider safe driving or riding.  You be the judge.  Here’s Mary story:

I got a true story to tell you. After church one Sunday,  I went on a CRUISE RIDE with my baby girl. It was a beautiful sunny warm day, why not take a ride with my daughter. We’re in her convertible red mustang riding down the road when she announces we’ll meet up with the other cars.  I didn’t think too much about it because we were just going to be cruising.

We arrived at the meeting place not too far from church and only two cars were there.  We sit and wait. About ten minutes later I hear engines and cars start arriving one by one. Beautiful cars, in all colors, Challengers, Mustangs, a Cadillac (only one but it was fab), Chargers, a Honda, and BMW, just to name a few.

Finally, it’s time to go and my sweet baby girl says, Mom take pictures and video with my cell while we’re on the CRUISE RIDE.  I should have suspected something out of the ordinary, but I didn’t. (Silly me)  My baby girl put the top down, I get the cellphone, adjust my glasses and get ready to take pictures.

Next, we line up, as I try to take a picture my baby girl hit second gear so fast the cell flew out my hands and landed in the back seat. Yes, seriously the cell was trying to escape. My baby girl had the nerve to say “oh my.. . What the heck” (looking like I was incompetent of  holding a cellphone and taking a picture).

I get the cell and begin videotaping. What I should have done was got out when looking through the lens, I see a group of cruisers block the street and all the cars cruise through the stop sign. I am an up-to-date mom, I can hang or so I thought. I unbuckle my seat belt to take a few pictures of the cruisers and realize my lovely baby girl is in the middle of the cruise riders’ and everything was fine until they hit the highway – when they lost their minds! In the next three seconds, my baby girl turned into someone I didn’t know. I turned around just in time to see all four lanes of traffic are the cruise riders. OK, we are cruising right? Wrong!  We are going 80 miles an hour and the normal drivers were trying to get out of the way. Now, I am still videoing (I think or I was just frozen in place I don’t know which).  All I heard was muscle engines all around me. At one point that person who I thought was my baby girl hit triple digits. About twenty minutes later when the cruise riders stopped I notice we’re not at our destination. Oh,they had to stop to refuel. (Lead foot equals empty pockets).  The girl that turned into someone else was starting to look like my daughter again….But we are not there yet and her pretty face soon turned into someone I didn’t know again.  When the cruise ended, everyone hugged, laughed and talked as if this was just a day at the park.

Meanwhile, I’m shaking my head, smiling, trying to be the cool up-to-date Mom, but praying silently:

Lord, I fussed when I had to carry shoes, bags and outfits for dance classes… Please God bring back the bags, outfits and shoes, now I know I am not the up-to-date mom. AND

Baby girl the next time you offer me a special ride, please explain in my language what it really means.

In my day, “cruising” was driving slow and letting people look at your car and you smile as you pass them. Cruising now is muscle cars driving like a bat out of hell.

I’m still wondering why they call it CRUISE RIDE, felt more like Flying Ride to me!







Drive Better

lady driver

Do you think all drivers aspire to drive better?  I wish! I try.  No I’m not a perfect driver. Yes I’m distracted sometimes, Yes I use profanity, Yes I need to do better. What about you?  If you drive regularly you see drivers making unsafe maneuvers, not giving full attention and exhibiting other bad behaviors too often.   Handling your car, being courteous and limiting distractions are all necessary for better driving habits on the road today.  Better drivers, make safer journeys for everyone. Read more on how to be a better driver.  Imagine driving when more people used them! Share the link with a new driver you know.  Safe travels 🙂

Thanks wikiHow

4 #1


Here are five things you can do for Mom on Mother’s Day.  In addition to the beautiful flowers you pick up on the way, one or all of the following could get you closer to #1 status:
1. Wash her car or have it detailed by a professional. then take her for a ride, Miss Daisy style.
2. Check her tire pressure, change the car’s cabin air filter and clean her windows (inside and out).
3. Restock her emergency kit and add a small personal bag to keep in the glove compartment, (safety pins, nail file, hand cleaner; pen/pad and mints).
4. Purchase a “smart” tool to make her journey less stressful; ( GPS, speakerphone or a new car charger).
5. Rent a car for the day, a fancy sports model, maybe she’ll take you along for the ride.

What a great gift for a Mom that drives!  However if you think that’s not quite good enough for your #1 Mom,  go the car dealer and buy her a new car.  Bet that will make her day!

Right; Son 😉