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What It Takes To Work On The Internet


Are you curious about what it takes to work on the internet?
Well, here’s what I know…
*Mindset, skills and tools are “mandatory” for endeavors of health
and wealth online & offline.
*Systems, relationships and mentors -are the “smart moves” of everybody regardless of the product or service that’s offered.
That’s it!
Note: everything you just read makes the web and the world go round…It’s just that simple!
Eventually the “mandatory” (tasks) and the “smart moves” you take, merge… The six actions become three… + 2.relationships/mentors + 3.mindset
forming your map complete with GPS.
It’s exciting and comes down to deciding committing and taking action.The three things you do everyday anyway.
The difference is you’re the boss…your office is open 24/7-365 and you work when and where you choose!
Whether you’re selling or sharing somebody needs what you offering.  How cool is that?!

Think about it…See the internet in your work future and take the next step!
After three years of going for it alone I’ve found a system that does 90% of the work and allows me to earn as I learn…A smart move for me!

Here’s what I know:
1.A laptop and internet connection give you the freedom to work anywhere…
2.A determined mindset keeps you marching with unwavering faith.
3.Skills emerge in the “Project Make It Happen experience” and success and freedom appear…you’re happier and you’ve done what you were born to do!
Stop by the Live online workshop for a sneak peak, you’ll be making a smart move.
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Clean So You Can See
Clean So You Can See


No Thank you

We don’t want it.

I’m not dirty.

Please, don’t put that dirty water on me;

I know you are out here

trying to make a dime,

but that dirty water

will not make me shine.

Hurry up light

please change,

before my driver act insane.

He’ll give you a dollar or maybe two.

He doesn’t care that the dirty water,

will stick to me like glue.

He’s not thinking about me,

he’s focused on you.

You’re a person in need of care.

I’m just the car that takes him everywhere.



Very seldom do I get to go to a salon

or even a spa.

I travel so many miles,

so very far.

You wash me and even rotate me,

every once and a while.

Seldom am I released from under the weight

of the full figured body that I tow.

You dress me up with fancy rims,

and fill me up when I get low.

If I get flat, I’ll be replaced,

so you can go.

You recycle me

when you don’t need me anymore.

Then I become everything from a jungle gym

to a basement floor.