Hi,  Welcome to Make Smart Moves

We’re young entrepreneurs living in the Nations Capital (USA). We enjoy city life, the noise, traffic and the people! While performing arts is our passion and helping people is our work and our focus with Make Smart Moves. Our blog is about embracing technology to enhance lifestyle. In our point of view, using smart technology in our cars, homes, and work warrants a safety clause in our behavior.  We are not experts (yet), so we share our experiences, along with expert opinions and contributions from our blogging community.  We hope you find them meaningful.

Do better. Be Better. Live Better

Moe & Chris

P.S. In 2015  we expanded our brand with coaching that leverage the power of the internet to build a world wide business…



Visits our website www.Sysmoe.com or contact us at Sysmoe1@gmail.com

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    1. I agreed, losing service is never good when you need to use it. but when you have a GPS device you have other options. Not good becomes all good. Thanks for sharing!


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