2016: Change but NO Change… REALLY



As a black teenager in America I honestly feel as though I have it the worst when it comes to police officers and other authorities. My peers and I get judged and stereotyped based off of something as simple as our hair or the type of music we listen to. Something simple as walking down the street when its dark outside can cost us our lives.

When we know our rights and tell authorities our rights…What they’re doing is unjust; they become angry and upset that we called them out and next thing is we’re being thrown to the ground, getting beat on because we know our rights and we’re speaking on it.

I shouldn’t fear for my life or my love one’s life whenever they interact with people who are supposed to protect and serve. I don’t understand how white men rape women and admit to raping them but receive zero prison time or a couple of months of probation, while black men get years and years over marijuana when marijuana is legal in certain states.

I don’t understand how police officers can receive zero prison time for murdering a black child for holding a fake gun in an “open carry” state where you can walk down the street with a real fully loaded gun and its 100% legal, but a black man can receive 15 years for violating probation or parole.

Not saying that all police officers are bad because there are some good ones out there but when they speak up on the issue or try to stop it they lose their job or get suspended. So that tells me that the injustice work of police officers is acceptable.

My peers and I are still fighting for the same cause and having the same movement as our grandparents and parents. The only difference from now and back then is that we have cameras and social media. That’s the only difference between 2016 and 1966. Back then it was water hoses and dogs with no cameras nobody believed you, but now they’re just shooting us and saying they were scared for their lives or he was reaching. Even with cameras and the officers are totally wrong if the cases goes to trial and court our black and brown lives are not valued.

White America blames us for being aggressive and violent but all the violence and aggression comes from frustration being oppressed by white America for 400+ years, First it was slavery… then segregation… now mass incarceration.

I don’t want my children and grand-children marching and protesting for the same thing I am fighting for because that means nothing has changed and history just keeps repeating itself. With all that being said… things need to change in this country, starting with us! 

Note:  A 17 year old  high school senior answers the question: What do you care about?

stay tuned for her thoughts on how we can make changes happen!

Thank You for sharing Taylor



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