Just So You Know #3

Operation Safe Driver Week
Operation Safe Driver Week

Next week is Operation Safe Driver Week (October 19-25).  A press release by prweb.com  reports that, last year, law enforcement officers stopped 74,765 commercial and passenger vehicle drivers during the 2013 Operation Safe Driver mobilization week; nearly triple the 26,487 stopped during the 2012 event. The top three reasons warnings and citations were issued were: (1) speeding, (2) failing to use a safety belt, and (3) failure to obey traffic control devices.

Law enforcement officers are gearing up to bring the numbers down. The campaign aims to lower the number of deaths and injuries from crashes involving large trucks and buses and cars. Spread the word, Drive smart and be sure to:

  1. Wear a seatbelt.
  2. Put children in proper restraints.
  3. Obey yellow and red lights.
  4. Use your turn signal.
  5. Follow vehicles at a safe distance
  6. Drive the posted speed limit.
  7. Be aware of other drivers and their vehicles
  8. Turn your cell phone off.
  9. Be the passenger with a suspended or cancelled license.
  10. Stop at flashing lights at crosswalks.
  11. Yield/stop to emergency vehicles and peace officers.
  12. Come to a complete stop at all stop signs.
  13. Be the passenger when under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

There are many other reasons to be stopped by the attentive law officers, so do your best and feel free to add to the list in the comment section.

Safe Travels 🙂


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