Your Car Your Second Home Needs Your Love and Care Too

October is Car Care Month- Be Good to your car and your car will be good to you! Hope you like Scotts story!
Safe travels 🙂

Sell Your Car Fast

i love my new carI still remember the day when dad got our first car home. I was in my school and used to be so excited to just catch a ride with dad in the car. It used to be such a pleasure to see dad give it a wash every Sunday and I so wished a time will come when I will have my own car. Well, those were the thoughts as a kid, now I am grown up and with my hard work have invested in a house and of course yes I have my car too. But as it says you have to work hard to get your car, the same way actually it’s tougher to maintain them.

My car is virtually an extension of my house. Whatever I can’t find in my house I am sure to find it in my car and be responsible towards it and why…

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