What is a Kit Car?

Wow! Gotta say Thanks to MyWheelLife.com for this intriguing post. I love a pretty car! “Me”.build one from a car kit, “Naw”! Have an expert build me a $!00k car for $40k; Now that’s a thought worth pondering. . What do you think?


http://www.lotustalk.com/forums/f152/superlite-coupe-ls7-54130/index2.html Superlite http://www.lotustalk.com/forums/f152/superlite-coupe-ls7-54130/index2.html

Kit Cars – What are they?
Think of a Lego set, but for a car!
Why kit cars?
They are a car focused on performance or style. Imagine a Ferrari or Shelby Cobra for the price of a new Ford Focus!

Lets put it together!

I’ve written a few articles about buying cheaper used supercars or

newer muscle cars and I’ve told you about a few different styles of cars such as  street rods and muscle cars. But buying a car assembled by a major manufacture isn’t the only way to get a car. If you are the handy type or just want to break the mold, you can build a car yourself! Of course, building a car by yourself, from nothing is a pretty difficult task, and that’s not what I’m proposing, although that has been done also! Check it out here. If…

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