Destination:  22314
Destination: 22314

What a good idea for a roadtrip!  Pick a zip code, drive there and hang out. I got the idea from watching a news segment on the Fox Morning News Show last month.  A news reporter visited a zip code in the viewing area and highlighted the interesting places and things to do there. I liked the idea because it could be a day trip and I’ll schedule it around the rush hours, traveling after the morning rush and return home late evening.  A short drive and fun activities – Yes!. The fact that I have a teenager in the house this summer and I haven’t planned a vacation makes this idea a win – win!  She loved the idea and chose three zip codes within a hours drive. We live five minutes away from one other state and the Nation’s Capital, so we are planning to spend a few days this summer in each locality.

Our first ziptrip is to 22314 in Virginia. The drive will be easy if we time it right. The route includes miles of waterfront that is quite scenic with the Washington monuments, air and water traffic all in view. Just 9 miles from home, within one zip code we found museums, parks, shops and multiple eateries to delight our culinary preferences. There’s also an array of hotels nearby in case we choose to add another day to explore or we’re too exhausted to drive home.  If you haven’t planned a roadtrip this summer consider a ziptrip. The planning and preparation is easy and it’s possible the experience will be one for your travel memoirs. 🙂

Drive safe


2 thoughts on “Ziptrip

  1. This was fun to read! We are fortunate to be able to travel so quickly. I’ve never planned a ziptrip- maybe I will one day- but I love day trips to hiking trails, beaches, snowboarding and dinning hotspots.


    1. Hey Devin,
      Hope you get to take a day to hike or hang out at the beach!
      This is my first, so surprised that my grandchild picked one so close and with so much to do. Our next trip has a beach. I’m liking this so far. Thanks for stopping by & safe travels!


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