According to AAA there are 36.5 million motorist on the road this holiday.   Holiday traffic in this area is like an extended rush hour; the roads are crowded and distractions are many. I’m a witness! Traffic and travel time become important factors in participating in activities and attending the various holiday events and this year was no exception.  Once I’ve made the decision to drive I devise a destination plan before I get in the car.  First (plan a) I choose the route, and check traffic online so I know where the hot spots are. Next, I prepare my go-bag, with my GPS, phone, and check the weather. Plan b is always the same, catch a ride or use public transportation. Plan c usually is to send my regrets and keep the car parked.

Yesterday, a twenty-minute late morning trip took me thirty-five minutes.   A lady ran out of gas on the street where I live.  I solicited my resident driving instructor to assist her and while waiting for him she tells me that she was so busy she forgot to stop and get gas.  A simple “thanks” would have worked – I lost 5 minutes of travel time.

About a half mile later at a stop light two adult males in the next lane are taking pictures with their cell phones of a lady walking.  When the light changes and cars blow their horns the driver pulls off looking back at the walking lady and, hits the car in front of him. (3 more minutes lost).

I drive a few miles more and traffic has slowed down. On one side of the road a car accident has occurred and on the side I’m driving on a motorcycle had run in the back of a car.  I didn’t witness either incident but both were serious enough for traffic to be much slower than 45mph posted speed limit.  By this time I had been in route for over 10 minutes and I still had several miles to go.  That’s when I used the traffic feature on my portable navigator that saved the day.  Happy that I checked for hot spots before I left home, choosing an alternate route was quick and easy. I arrived on-time with 1 minute to spare. Plans are great and I love my GPS.  But today, the official holiday I’m going for plan c – Parked 🙂

Happy Memorial Day & Safe Travels


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