Red Carpet Ride


The month of May is a happy time for many folks, seems like everyone is celebrating something!   Mother’s day, weddings, graduations, promotions, teen parties and PROM. Living in a high traffic area where there are over 75 high schools it seems like every year a teenage prom driving fatality occurs. In May, every Friday and Saturday night, schools host a big formal party off site. Even some middle and elementary schools host a dance for outgoing students.  With lot’s of people on the road in all types of vehicles including motorcycles and limousines, the driver must be at the top of his game.

Before prom, friends and family gather at the honoree’s home to see the transformation from tee shirts to tux and gowns. Next, Lights, Camera, Action! The red carpet fun begins with camera flashes everywhere, pictures and poses with parents, siblings and others.  Then, they get in a vehicle and drive off to their prom destination. That’s when old folks, like me, start to worry. Silent prayers, thoughts, and wishes of a safe journey are expressed as we go our separate way however the anxiety lingers.  Each year I wish the travel genie would appear and grant me one wish:  all prom attendees experience a red carpet ride.  That’s when you sit in the back seat, chat and relax. Your only worry is to remain “picture ready” for your grand entrance.

That would make my day because it would limit the number of teen drivers on the road:

  • being distracted by phones, texting,
  • drinking and driving;
  • driving aggressively and
  • being responsible for other teens riding with them.

Red carpet rides are a good thing, the designated driver is an adult or professional driver for hire. Well worth the cost and one less worry for all.  I’m happy about this growing trend and send “Thanks” to those who make red carpet rides happen every year, because of you teenager prom driving fatalities will certainly decrease.


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