4 #1


Here are five things you can do for Mom on Mother’s Day.  In addition to the beautiful flowers you pick up on the way, one or all of the following could get you closer to #1 status:
1. Wash her car or have it detailed by a professional. then take her for a ride, Miss Daisy style.
2. Check her tire pressure, change the car’s cabin air filter and clean her windows (inside and out).
3. Restock her emergency kit and add a small personal bag to keep in the glove compartment, (safety pins, nail file, hand cleaner; pen/pad and mints).
4. Purchase a “smart” tool to make her journey less stressful; ( GPS, speakerphone or a new car charger).
5. Rent a car for the day, a fancy sports model, maybe she’ll take you along for the ride.

What a great gift for a Mom that drives!  However if you think that’s not quite good enough for your #1 Mom,  go the car dealer and buy her a new car.  Bet that will make her day!

Right; Son 😉


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