To Drive Or Not To Drive: letting our teens go

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Sometimes I wonder if it was safer to drive a car in the 1980’s than it is today.  I ponder this thought lately as our second child buckles up behind the wheel, eager to practice his driving.

A driver in the 1980’s or earlier certainly had distractions when he drove.  Conversations, loud music from the radio, 8-track players, or cassette players, and (unbuckled) passengers swapping seats, grabbing items from other parts of the car, wrestling, or being tossed around in the back of a station wagon along with other loose objects were all a normal part of the driving experience.

But regardless of those distractions, the driver of a vehicle when I was a teenager could remain focused on the task of driving and not worry too much about other drivers losing their focus.  Today, even with all passengers buckled in safely and airbags set to employ if necessary, it…

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