I get it; some people need their phone like I need my eyeglasses.  My glasses absolutely have to be in position or within reach for me to function. I also admit I need my smartphone too, but most of the time I have to look for it to use it. I try to keep up with it, really, I do, but, well, let’s just say I’m working on it. When driving I know exactly where it is (in my handbag somewhere).

Hand-held cell phone use is prohibited in 12 states including where I live. The law has been in effect for some time now and is part of distracted driver campaigns that also include texting. Believe it or not, many folks here are still holding and fumbling around for their phone while they are driving.  I know that’s not you, but trust me you’ve got a friend who is guilty and so do I.  Last week I lectured two buddies about this unsafe practice after watching them driving and digging in their handbag for a ringing phone.  They listened, and  change the subject after these explanations:

One buddy agreed that she should have a phone mount but really wanted a GPS and she’s got no money for that right now. (Twenty minutes after we left the mall  with purchases well over the cost of a phone mount and a navigator).  Then she announces that the items are on her wish list as  standard features included in her new car. I could only respond “Really”?

My other buddy, who drives well over 50 miles daily said, her phone is always in the cup holder (now holding our drinks), so she can get it without looking down. Again, “really” this time shaking my head, She goes on….she had one but it did not fit…. she will get a new one when her income tax refund arrives.”For real”?

Later, thinking, shaking my head and repeating my buddies excuses  I decided to try again.   I really like to ride instead of drive sometimes. I emailed them a link to a safe driving apps article I read some time ago putting Free & 4 U in the subject box. I knew the word free would entice them to click the link.

I also included my website address,  and a 10% coupon. (Just in case they forgot, their friend is serious about driving safe.

If you know people who still don’t have a home for their phone in the car, share the link. Perhaps one of the apps will be the solution for safer phone usage while driving.




2 thoughts on “Really

  1. These apps are a good idea. Too many people are driving around with their phone held to their ear or fumbling around trying to get it out of their pocket. Anything which allows a driver to keep hands on the wheel and eyes on the road gets a thumbs up from me.


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