Make Time Take Time

Just a phrase I heard yesterday from my resident driving instructor.  I mentioned to him that my car windows were filthy ( thinking that he would clean them when he cleaned the snow off the car). “Huh” I said,  and he repeated the phrase; “Make time, Take time” and more…..

Clean your filthy windows (inside & out).

Check your tire pressure.

Refill your washer fluid reservoir.

Recharge your speakerphone.

Go to the car wash!

Oh, ok, I said thinking this conversation is over.  Next, he shared that he had driven my car to the store and that my gas tank was below a half tank… “And by the way, it’s time for an oil change, you may as well scheduled it too”!

At that point (wishing I had kept my thoughts to myself) I replied, you’re right, thanks Babe (thinking to myself… I’ll go to the express service at the dealer tomorrow and my list will be reduced to the two things I planned to do today anyway).  I’ll buy gas and charge my speakerphone on the way the dealer and the experts can do the rest.

Some days I’m really smart, don’t you agree?


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