New Year Old Me

I decided to make resolutions that don’t require anything new this year. After all, being old means you have acquired lots of habits to choose from. I’m moving three things from my “to do” list. Things/tasks that I have chosen in past years and dismissed for one reason or another.  This year I’m going to be serious and stay on course. In 2014, old me will:

1. Keep a clean car.  The interior is the worse, right now, if you get in my car you’ll have to move something to sit down.  There are at least 4 water bottles (3 empty), a roll of paper towels and bottle of window cleaner, my car bag (plastic grocery bag) full of candy wrappers, receipts and such; extra clothes,(2 scarves, 3 hats), and a newspaper I tossed in yesterday; I picked it up off the lawn on my way out. I do clean the inside of my car  every so often when I can’t stand to look at all that mess. Enough!  This year, starting next week, I’ll clean up after every trip,and use the vacuum regularly. The trunk and exterior are not part of the deal right now, maybe I’ll add them mid-year (baby steps).

2. Update the navigation system in my car, a 2006 Toyota that’s never been updated. I  use a portable GPS or my IPAD when an address does not compute on the built-in device. When I have it serviced I hope I can add some of the new features  like hands-free calling and lifetime traffic available on new GPS devices today. I bet this one is going to cost me. 😦

3.  Use the features in my car that I never bothered to learn, like the cruise control, heated seats, function buttons on the steering wheel, and the rear window shade. Believe it or not, there’s probably more. Oh well..


I like my picks for this year, each one will enhance my driving experiences; And, I have a whole year to change an old habit! 🙂


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