Ready to Drive

If wishes were “real” outside of my head, I’d wish for a driver to drive me where I want to go,   I love beautiful vehicles. Cars & SUVs, motorcycles, motor homes, trucks, yeah all the luxury ones. But I don’t want to pay, clean or maintain them. I just want to drive or rather ride!  I love the view from a moving vehicle where speeds can be adjusted to my visual capability. That’s why a driver would be the perfect gift for me.

Well, I don’t foresee having the capital to obtain the driver or the right vehicles in the near future, so I resign myself to the one vehicle I have and the one driver I have. Me!  Getting ready to drive starts with my short check list, I say to myself, “Self, Are you ready to drive…1,2,3″

#1 Routine expert maintenance completed.  Husband’s job (alignment, oil change, hoses, battery).  Check!

#2 Grab accessories needed to drive and be safe. GPS, speakerphone, emergency bag, goodie bag. Check!

#3 Know before you go.  Gas level, windows clean, oil & tire check, fuse location. Check!

Now all I need is a destination and I’m ready to roll!


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