Right Tool, Right Time…..Priceless

Earlier this year I talked to several experts to get a good perspective on safe driver equipment.  I asked a very talkative tow truck driver what tools a driver should keep in the car to be prepared for road emergencies.  His response, “my business card”! I smiled and agreed with him and asked a different question.  What should I do if I don’t have your business card?  Well, he said with a wide grin, I recommend that car owners keep a “Yo Bag” in the trunk. He went on to say, drivers could handle some issues quickly if they have a few tools. He tells drivers this all the time, but most don’t hear the information because they are upset or stressed.  He continues talking, not seeing the puzzled look on my face…  and because they don’t take my advice, they have to wait for me to get to their location, wait for me to fix the problem (if I can) and they have to pay me!, By the time they sign the paperwork you sense anger because they realize they will most likely arrive at their destination late.  Finally able to get a word in I asked, what’s a “Yo bag”? He counts each finger as he explains, that every car on the road should be equipped with at least, a tire gauge, jumper cables, flashlight, screwdriver, and flares! Your car, your tools (yo bag), in the trunk, next to the spare tire.  Get it?  Got it!

Just so you know, I don’t know much more than the obvious when it comes to cars tools and correcting malfunctions.  When I experience a mishap on the road, I get someone else to fix the problem.  Husband, motorist, passenger, tow truck driver;  Anybody.   The bag of tools in the trunk of my car and the emergency road service card are there because the resident car expert put them there – smart move, husband!

Recently my brother shared a story with me and I was reminded of my conversation with the tow truck driver.  My brother drives a 2008 Toyota, it’s equipped with all the amenities and is in good shape.  I asked him to share his experience, check it out:

Hello everyone

I was driving to work last week and noticed the windows in the car rolled up slowly, but I didn’t pay much attention to it then. I stopped at Starbucks for coffee and returned to the car. I turned the key to start the car, but got no connection from the engine. Oh boyee! What now?

I immediately called my road side service.  After telling the service agent my problem, she said, it sounds like the problem could be your battery.  I’m sending a tow truck to your location to jump-start your car. She then explained that the wait time for the tow truck was about an hour and a half.

Oh boy I thought, I’m going to be late returning to work. Instantly I remembered that I had purchased a road emergency kit from www.Sysmoe.com U Drive Smart

Awesome! What a life saver that was! I retrieved the “10 booster cable from the trunk and proceeded to hook the cable to the battery. Within minutes a car pulled up, and the driver asked if I needed a boost from his battery. Yes, thank you very much was my response and within seconds I was able to start the car. Wow, I didn’t need to wait almost two hours for a tow truck.  I got to work on time with some minutes to spare.   Whew, I’m super grateful for the small things that make my life better day by day.

Really, had I not had the emergency tool kit I would have been waiting for the tow truck or asking every motorist if they had a booster cable, and will you boost my car?  This was a great buy; I think everyone should have one for such a time as this.

Smart Move Brother!  Having the right tool at the right time is priceless!


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