Who Needs GPS

You do when:

  • your lifestyle extends beyond your front door and requires you to drive to other locations,
  • your phone app is too small to see the maps and drops calls in certain areas,
  • your neighborhood trees are replaced with concrete, brick and new streets and developments,
  • your commute to usual places like “work” change due to construction & road repairs,
  • your patience for driving in rush hour traffic is tested almost daily,
  • your sense of direction is distorted by loops, bowls, roundabouts and beltways,
  • your vacation includes driving to follow your itinerary,
  • your travel mirrors the following:

New Surroundings

Single parent.  I have three children, Gloria, Paul, and Sofia, ages 2, 7, and 14. We just moved to the big city in a new time zone. Here for a week and I have a new address, new job and a new routine.  Monday to Friday, four different destinations and we all must be on time!

The clock alarm goes off at 5 a.m. In the car by 6, breakfast at McDonald’s, drop kids off, and at my office by 7:30. Three stops: child care center, high school and elementary school before the thirty minute drive to the office.  Sunday we did a dry run and I drove the route in forty-five minutes.  Good time I said to myself but Monday morning it all looked different. The new surroundings were new again.  This city traffic gives a new meaning the phrase rush hour traffic. First of all it lasts for four hours. Second, the number of cars on the major highway to the downtown area where I work is overwhelming, we could probably hook bumpers together and save gas. The landmarks I remembered from the Sunday drive disappeared, they changed somehow.  Third, there is always a situation, car horns blowing, folks driving too fast and too many people holding their phone.  An accident can have you arriving at your destination after the rush hour ends, even if you started your journey when it began hours ago.  It’s a good thing I arrive to work a half hour before my tour begins. On time today, but, I know  keeping this routine a reality will require some driver assistance.  A portable GPS may just do the trick.

New Route

Truck driver.  Taking over the southern run starting tomorrow. My first time driving this trip.  It’s a time sensitive delivery with a bonus at completion. . I’m hauling 500 watermelons that’s a week late on delivery to ten small chain stores in a very rural area. I can’t afford to be late and don’t want to get lost. The route extends north to west and south to east. It includes travel through two metropolitan areas with beltways and 2 major bridges.  To complicate matters the trip begins where a major interstate is being revamped. My map book will not give me the edge I need to collect on that bonus. I think a GPS device will be the perfect driving companion for this job.

New Location/New Opportunity

Actress.  My destination is 20 miles away.   It’s an open audition for the leading role in a play.  I have rehearsed all my life for this one.  I’m thinking, this may be it, I could end up on Broadway. I’m so excited!  Auditions start in 40 minutes and I’m traveling during rush hour.  I’m running about fifteen minutes behind schedule and need to get gas. Being late is not an option.  Which way is the theater? it’s near what? I turn where? Questions I’m answering as I plan my route.  A GPS device with voice recognition, traffic alerts and safety camera alerts is just what I need to arrive on time, relaxed and ready to roll.

New Stress

New surrounding, new routes, new locations and new opportunities in addition to the other reasons listed above gives GPS  assistance a thumbs up in my book.  The most impressive feature to me is when I touch the “home” icon I always end up in my driveway! Can’t wait until they are standard in all new cars. What do you think?


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