Driving 40 years and…

Could I pass a driving test today?  Sure I would; driving for 40 years I generally kept up with the rules and regulations of the road, I consider myself a smart driver.  I’m a good driver according to my insurance company and I drive safely according to my husband a retired Certified Driving Instructor (CDI).  My lifestyle requires driving.  I drive all the time, at least 5 days a week, sometimes several times a day.  I drive to the store, jobs, events, to visit friends and family, even to the subway.  I’m often the designated driver on group trips because I know the bus routes.  It may take us a little longer to get there but I don’t get lost in my hometown.  I also own a well maintained car (thanks to the CDI).

They say experience is the best teacher so failing a driving test is not an option.  I may fail to go to the correct address.  I doubt it is still located where it was when I took the road test many years ago.  A huge new office building is now located on that corner.  I could fail the eye exam if I wear the wrong pair of glasses, I seem to have several pair these days thanks to the Dollar Store.  I passed before when I really couldn’t drive so now with 40 years driving experience, I’ll ace it.

Seriously thinking, it’s possible that parking may be a small issue for me if you are still required to parallel park.  I admit I still have to do it twice to get it right sometimes.  I parked perfect driving a 1967 convertible Cadillac Coupe Deville, during my first driver test, but I’m sure I would need to practice to get it correct in one attempt today.  Hopefully, now the testers give you the option of pulling in or backing your car into a parking space.  I am an expert at that.

An experienced driver like me should pass the written part of the test with no problem or so I thought. After all those years of driving including a 65 mile work commute and other driving duties, I should know the rules of the road, plus any updated driving techniques you need to be a smart driver today.  Recently, just for fun I took the AARP Are You a Smart Driver quiz.  My expectation was 10 questions and 10 correct answers.  Surprise! I didn’t get 10 answers correct and the one question that stunned me: Where on the steering wheel should your hands be positioned while driving? 10 and 2 right? Wrong!!

Check for yourself, take the quiz at: http://www.aarp.org/home-garden/transportation/info-11-2011/quiz-are-you-a-smart-driver.html.

Rules change, cars change, and you change! Ok I get it, experience is only part of being smart.


4 thoughts on “Driving 40 years and…

  1. It is very nice to have others take this quiz. I wonder how many people are going to be truthful about their results? This is something that can be used all the time, and hopefully, people will become better drivers.
    CF Boston


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